Premium shisha tobacco made in the USA with a huge selection of your favorite flavors, including - Blue Mist, Code 69, Pirate's Cave, and so many more. Strong flavors, incredible buzz, and thick clouds - Starbuzz is a customer favorite!

This is a list of all Starbuzz shisha flavors offered at Sahara Smoke.
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starbuzz blue mist shisha

Blue Mist ::

Blue Mist from Starbuzz is a refined and is one of the smoothest flavors you will ever smoke. It’s a flavor similar to cotton candy and will explode with a thick flavorful smoke.

starbuzz blue surfer shisha

Blue Surfer ::

Treat yourself to an island get away all from the comfort of your own hookah. Delicious blend of exotic tropical fruits coupled with a cooling undertone, Blue Surfer is a perfect way to taste the waves without getting wet.

Haze Shisha Carnival Nights

Coco Jumbo ::

Cocojumbo is a delicious mix of both coconut and lime will make smoking this feel like your on a beach in the Caribbean.

starbuzz code69 shisha

Code 69 ::

Code 69 is a Vegas night gift wrapped in hookah smoke and a cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus. An innocently wild but refined taste.

starbuzz double apple shisha

Double Apple ::

Starbuzz Double Apple is the classic Double Apple black licorice taste that hits you hard with its traditional hookah flavor and buzz.

starbuzz melon blue shisha

Melon Blue ::

Melon Blue is making heads turn and mouths water. Sweet and smooth, this flavor will rock your world!

starbuzz pink shisha

Pink ::

Starbuzz Pink is a mysteriously smooth Shisha that hints at a light raspberry. A very smooth smoke that glides across your tongue. Pink is a shisha crafted from the years of Hookah experience and success that only Starbuzz has.

starbuzz pirates cave

Pirate's Cave ::

A very strong lemon-lime flavor, Pirate’s Cave has a worldwide fan club. It’s as sweet as it is tangy.

starbuzz safari melon dew shisha

Safari Melon Dew ::

Safari Melon Dew is filled with a smooth melon flavor that is the boldest melon you have ever smoked.

starbuzz spicy red

Spicy Red ::

Our symbiotic infusion of sweet spearmint and hot cinnamon creates a vortex of sensational flavor like you've never experienced. Feel the big, bold, red-hot burn from each mouth watering inhale.

starbuzz strawberry margarita shisha

Strawberry Margarita ::

Strawberry Margarita carries a spicy kick behind the lemon and citrus undertones being covered by strawberry.

starbuzz white peach shisha

White Peach ::

White Peach is perfectly crafted. Savor the white peach richness as the luscious shisha replicates the peach delicacy. A delightful summer Hookah flavor.

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