The Culture Behind the Hookah

Sahara Smoke Hookah Culture

The art of smoking hookah is one of the oldest traditions of the Middle East. The hookah is known by many names in this part of the world from a narghile or narghila, shisha or sheesha, water pipe, hookah, and hubbly-bubbly. It is a smoking tool used in social gatherings, here the hoses are passed with friendship and peace. A narghile is placed in the center of a group and smokers pass the hose to the next in the circle, all the while exchanging words and sharing ideas from talk of daily life to heavier topics of religion and politics.

The hookah was first created in India or Persia and was made more primitively from a coconut. As the hookah traveled to Turkey it transformed to the more elegant water pipe that is most recognized today. This design has changed very little for over 500 years. Smoking hookah is a common past time in the Arab world and is becoming more wide spread across the word.

In the Middle East the tobacco known as Shisha is traditionally mixed with honey, molasses, sugar and dried fruit for a sweet smoke. Shisha of today comes in a variety of flavors such as the 44 flavors available from Sahara Smoke Co. Flavors include coconut, hazelnut, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, 7 spice and many more appetizing flavors that are experienced through smoking hookah.

Though the hookah is ancient and comes from across the globe its appeal is being spread more vastly likely due to its distressing sensation. Smokers are soothed by the bubbling sound much like the audio sensation of a fish tank. It relaxes an individual with soothing sound and the peaceful sensation of drawing in the light flavored smoke and passing the smoke in the air. The room is filled with a delightful aroma and the opportunity to share the experience with others creates an experience that is missing in todays rushed pace. People could learn a few things from Middle Eastern culture such as slowing down, relaxing and enjoying the comfort of conversation with those around us.

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