Every now and then, you come across a piece of knowledge that enlightens you in ways you did not expect. Recently, I was visited by a friend who has a masters level of knowledge about Starbuzz and everything about their tobacco. Not only that, but this person has been smoking hookah for much longer than me, and I’ve been smoking for ten years!

For many months, I have been using the same standard of heat management on my bowls. For example, I have been using two Ecocha coals matched with the Samsaris and Lotus by Kaloud for every smoke session I’ve written about. Of course, I have packed dense and fluffy and everything in between, depending on the tobacco I am using. The reason for this was to have a certain consistency during my testing and reviews, but also because it has just worked so well for me.

My Starbuzz skills were shattered last week, as I was taught how to pack a bowl of Starbuzz from a very reputable source. This has changed my outlook on this consistent testing style, and made me realize I should branch out with method, and it will help to give more accurate reviews to fans and customers alike! For reference, we packed Mighty Freeze for this bowl.

Normally, I have packed Starbuzz with a “medium-dense” pack and definitely make it under packed. I am not a fan of scorching, and this prevented it from happening for many years. Brace yourselves for a different, but very successful way to pack Starbuzz shisha!

Firstly, drop the Lotus. A phunnel bowl still works wonders, but the direct heat from two layers of aluminum foil will provide a powerful cloud output. Secondly, the pack is very different from anything I’ve tried before. My friend and I dubbed it “aggressive sprinkling”. To aggressively sprinkle your shisha, start by grabbing a huge 30 gram glob of it. Start sprinkling it into your phunnel bowl, and continue to do so until it is well over packed over the top of the bowl. I like to call this type of pack the “afro” pack. From here, be sure to even out your tobacco distribution. From here, one would normally be very tempted to pack down the shisha. Resist this temptation, and instead, allow the foil to press down on the tobacco, providing an even pack, but one that is really going to expand once heated.

From here, we used four flat coals to get the bowl started. On the first pull, I was immediately met with huge clouds. For reference, my bowls usually sit for 10 minutes before I take my first pull. This thing just went up in clouds immediately. I can definitely see the usefulness of having four coals, especially in a social setting where everyone is waiting to smoke.

All in all, this was a very interesting smoke, and I can say I never expected it to be enjoyable, and yet it was. It only lasted about 40 minutes before it was a carbon cake, but that is to be expected with this much heat. I will be using this pack again, and I recommend you try this for Starbuzz at home!