Have you ever had a hookah session where you wondered what was missing? There are countless things out there that can improve your smoke session, but one thing stands out as a all around improvement. There are no substitutes for silicone hoses. Silicone is strong, long lasting, and very heat and bacteria resistant. When it comes to hardware for your shisha pipe, a silicone hose will improve every aspect of the session.

What is silicone? Simply put, silicone is a polymer or “mix” of different chains of silicon and oxygen molecules. It’s very similar to rubber, but with a lot of benefits. It is more heat resistant than rubber, and it doesn’t dry out and crack like rubber does. In general it’s a less harmful product to use for people as well. Silicone products are used a lot in the food industry for both convenience and safety. One should be careful not to burn or expose the silicone to open flame though, as it is not indestructible.

That being said, why does silicone make a good narguile hose? Not only is silicone resistant to many forms of bacteria, but many particles in general have a hard time “clinging” to the surface of the material. When you consider it is also very strong and bendable, it makes an awesome hose. It also rarely deforms its shape, which is good since you don’t want kinks to permanently form in your hose.

One of my favorite aspects of silicone hoses is the fact that they don’t ghost very often. By “ghost”, I mean leftover flavors sticking to the inside of the hose. When hoses ghost, it’s a real pain to get the flavors out of them. This is one of the best aspects of silicone hoses.

Whether it’s with friends or by yourself, any narguile session can be improved by a silicone hose! Our hose is reasonably priced at just $22.95, so pick one up for you and one for your friend! This is a great way to get introduced into the wonderful world of silicone!