When it comes to picking your favorite vendor for shisha tobacco, selection is key! You not only want to pick a place that is closeby, but also has fresh choices and fresh batches of shisha! Here at Sahara Smoke, we update and refresh our stock regularly, and carry all the biggest and best brands out there! Based out of Statesboro, Georgia, whether it be nearby on the East coast or farther on the West coast, we have what you want!

In most modern cities and towns, there are smoke shops or “head shops”; these stores usually carry a good amount of hookah products, but they almost always lack in flavor and brand selection. At our website, this is not an issue! We carry all the favorites. Our own in house shisha tobacco is HookaH-HookaH and HookaH-Freak, which is comprised of ribbon-cut Virginia style tobacco in a Kosher vegetable glycerin formula. It smokes great in any bowl, but works especially well with our Vortex and Vortex 1.5 bowls. In addition to our brands, we also carry other brands like Starbuzz, Fumari, Haze, Hookafina, Ayam Zaman, and Al Fakher!

Al Fakher is one of our favorite shisha brands. It’s affordable, comes in many flavors, and is a staple in any hookah lounge. They have been around since the 90’s, and are one of the biggest names in the shisha world. We carry more than 30 of their most popular flavors, including Mint, Watermelon and Mint, and the infamous Rose! Pick some up today and experience why this brand has been an industry leader for so many years.

Starbuzz is your one stop for all kind of brand. They have been around for many years now and rule the kingdom of shisha, especially in the United States, but really everywhere in the world. We feature many of their top flavors from their Bold and Regular Lines! Whether is be Blue Mist or Pirates Cave, we got you covered!

Haze is one of my personal favorite shisha brands. Based out of Texas, they make some badass shisha tobacco that produces massive clouds and is very heat resistant. Overpack this, throw on some coals of your choosing, and smoke, it is that simple. My favorite flavor is Double Bubble, but we have over 25 of their most popular flavors, including the ever famous Carnival Nights and What a Mint!

Fumari has some really nice packaging for their shisha. The freshness is locked in with a resealable 100 gram pouch of your favorite flavors. We carry the entire line of Fumari, which is over 40 flavors! You can spend a very long time exploring this line of tobacco! Fumari is very wet, but has a wonderful cut and super good flavor. Some favorites here at Sahara are Mandarin Zest, Spiced Chai, Tangelo, and White Gummy Bear, but be sure to check out all the other wonderful flavors Fumari has to offer, because there is something for everyone!

Start off this Spring season right with all your favorite shisha! Be sure to pick up some coals too! Everyone needs an afternoon to relax and enjoy their favorite smoke! Be on the lookout for lots of deals that are changing regularly on our website and hookah on!