If looks could kill, then this hose would kill on sight! With Spring fast approaching, we have seen a multitude of new hookah products on the market; new bowls, new hookahs, and of course new hoses! Our new line of hoses is out, and whether it be style or function, we have what you are looking for.

The Scorpion Hose is our new “cream of the crop” hookah hose. It has all the gizmos that one would look for in a quality hose, plus a lot more. It features 100% stainless steel with a fully washable inner tubing. To match the washable characteristics of the hose, this hose features a fully flexible and “slinky” design. You can bend this hose every which way and it will not bend or break.

On top of the awesome bendable design of this hose, it features a heavy metal handle that will feel comfortable and stable in any hand. Our high grade stainless steel is completely rust proof, which will assure no issues with longevity. Coming in at 72 inches long, this hose is good enough for any type of session, whether it be a personal setup or a social gathering.

One of the coolest features of the Scorpion Hose is that the hose ends are threaded to match most common sink faucets. You will not have any trouble getting water to flow easily through the hose, making washing extremely simple. Daily routine maintenance on hookah hoses help them from ghosting flavors, and this makes it even easier.

Whether it be a traditional Egyptian hookah or a modern glass hookah, this hose will help your shisha tobacco produce massive clouds every time! At an affordable price of $34.95 , you can pick up this hose anytime and know you will have the coolest and most functional hookah hose around!