Out of all the flavors in the world, people have always had a potential taste for mint. It has been enjoyed by humans for hundreds of years. In that time, we have made countless variations of mint beverages and meals. It cools things down, and adds a subtle sweet flavor to most dishes.

In the tobacco world, mint leaf has been used to mellow flavors out for many years. Not only mint, but the chemical menthol has been derived from natural sources for many years as well. Menthol is used in countless products around the world. It provides a nice cooling sensation to almost anything, whether it be external skin or your actual throat, it has the same effect. This is why you see menthol used in products ranging from cigarettes to soap.

Here at Sahara Smoke, we have three major mint flavors. These include Hookah-Hookah Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Pure Mint. Out of these flavors, I would have to prefer Spearmint, but this discussion is mainly about the difference between our plain mint and our spearmint. Both of these flavors boast the natural and robust mint flavor that is enjoyed universally, but they deliver in slightly different ways.

Pure mint is one of those flavors that everyone should have on hand. It’s like having spices in the kitchen; you just need it! Mint can compliment almost any flavor, but it doesn’t always need to be used. I think most people underestimate the flavor on its own. Mint has a slightly sweet undertone that is really enjoyable solo. I find our own mint flavor to be the best balance of sweet and minty, but at the same time it still has enough menthol to cool the smoke down.

Our spearmint has been the source of many debates, as it can be hard to detect a difference from our plain mint, unless the hookah is super clean. If I had to choose between the spearmint and mint flavors, originally I would have chosen plain mint, but things have changed since my girlfriend absolutely loves spearmint! The best way to describe the difference between these two Hookah-Hookah flavors is that plain mint is nice, but spearmint bites. It still has the natural mint undertone, but gives you an almost volcanic aftertaste that starts out harsh, but it becomes more enjoyable part way through the session. This is what I mean by bite. This bitter flavor lingering in spearmint is one of the things that makes it stand out from other mints! I think that the best way to improve the flavor would be to add a little more menthol to the recipe, that way you get a bigger cooling sensation to accompany that bitter flavor.

In the oversaturated market of mint flavors, it is nice to have a mint right here at home base, and one that I prefer over other brands. At the end of the day, I side with the underdog and say that spearmint wins my vote for the winner of the mint battle. But if we were to rate these flavors in terms of natural balance, plain mint is the clear victor. At the end of the day, you should pick up a pack of both and judge for yourself. Even better, mix them together for a complex mint flavor!