Not many of us have had limoncello drinks before. What in the world is a limoncello? Typically, it’s an Italian drink consisting of lemon zest, rectified spirits or grain alcohol, and sugar. This equates out to a very sour and sweet rendition of LIQUID FIRE! If you have never had the opportunity to try one though, they really are very tasty!

So what is up with limoncello drinks? Fumari has recently released a hookah flavor called Limoncello! It is their version of what the drink should taste like, but in shisha tobacco form! Being a fan of lemon flavors in general, this is one release I was really excited for. We now carry the zest flavor on our website in delicious 100 gram pouches!

Fumari is one of my favorite brands out there. Their packaging consists of resealable pouches, which is perfect for shisha smoking. In addition, they give you lots of glycerin and flavoring in the shisha, which makes for super thick smoke clouds!

I do find their tobacco to be heat sensitive though, so I recommend no more than 2-3 coals for your session. Fumari likes to be packed very fluffy; if you are wondering what this means, go back and look for my previous blog about packing Fumari in a Vortex bowl! For this session, I used my KM Tri-Metal Americana with a aluminum D-Hose, Samsaris Vitria, Kaloud Lotus and three Ecocha flat coals, which I reduced to two after 5 minutes of warming up.

When you first open the pouch, you are greeted by a sweet, but distinctly sour lemon smell. Here at the office, we have compared it to lemon Skittle candies. For some reason, the Limoncello flavor by Fumari tends to contain just slightly less juice than most of their flavors. This might be a change in production method, or just something they do with this flavor. Unfortunately, I think that this decreased moisture content has made the tobacco even more heat sensitive than it already was, so personally I think that should be addressed. After packing 10-15 grams fluffily in my Vitria, I sat back and let it heat up on its own.

Once I got to smoking, this flavor really punches you in the face! If you are a fan of lemon flavors in general, this is one you need to try! For the first 15 minutes, I got a very sour lemon flavor, which did have a slight “alcohol” taste to it. It was an interesting experience; though I believe I got the flavor too hot because after about 30 minutes it was more of a super sour burnt flavor. I blame myself for this and not the tobacco. For my second session, I used two coals instead of three, and the experience was much better.

This was a really tasty lemon flavor. It has all the zest, but without the “artificial cleaner” type of lemon flavor so many brands do have. That being said, it needed something else, perhaps a little vanilla to smooth out and sweeten the smoke? Limoncello has just enough of a unique flavor to come above a lot of the lemon flavors out there, and it will make you want to make the actual drink! If you like lemon flavors, and haven’t tried Limoncello, then you need to pick this up!