The new Sahara Smoke hoses have been making waves over the internet, and now that they have been out in the open, I wanted to take some time to talk about the awesome Mastodon hose. We have a new line of hoses, and all of them are awesome. People are looking for unique products to boost their hookah game. Smoking hookah is a pretty consistent activity, but it’s nice to add some spice to it.

Our new Mastodon hose is priced at a reasonable $29.95, and for that price you get something you can cuddle with! Coming in at 74 inches long, this hose is plenty long for social gatherings and solo sessions alike. Those length is more than adequate, but what really kicks ass is the handle. It’s wrapped in soft grippy leather, and it’s perforated to allow a bit of “squish”. It is almost 2 feet long, which makes it an excellent “chill” type of hose. Very little mechanical action is required to take puffs, which makes it easy to relax and sit back.

Looks and feel are very important, but what about function? Most people these days want either a very restrictive draw, or a very open draw, and this hose provides a very easy open draw. You can get huge clouds without spending a long time puffing, which impresses friends and loved ones.

What about the fluff? The hairy texture of the hose makes for a very comfortable experience. Who doesn’t like soft material? The inside of the hose is fully washable, but we recommend only lightly hand washing the outside with a mild soap if needed.

Overall, this is one of my favorite hose we’ve come out. It has function, comfort, and tons of character. With a hookah hose like that, what can go wrong? With an affordable price and a name you know and trust, this hose will last you years to come, and even when hung up, it brings a story to the table.