It’s hard to resist the temptations of vanilla. If you’ve ever had a massive bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of you, you know the feeling; sweet, sharp, yet gentle! Not many things can be described as both sharp and gentle, but vanilla is general is a great way to sweeten something up, especially if you are trying to avoid using lots of sugar. That being said, sugar makes everything better!

Al Fakher is one of the oldest shisha tobacco companies around. They have been chugging out flavor after flavor for well over 15 years, and they do it on a scale that is well beyond any other shisha brand. Particularly, in the Middle East, Al Fakher is sometimes the only brand you will find available.

Typically, Al Fakher comes in 50 gram and 250 gram sizes, but there are bigger sizes available. Packaging is cheap, but it gets the job done. The actual labeling is very nice. A year or so ago, Al Fakher revamped their line, and the new labels are very attractive. The only thing I wish they did was have containers that seal up better, but that’s just nitpicking. For the price of $12.95 for 250 grams, one cannot complain too much!

Al Fakher comes in a sticky red dye. The glycerin content is about the same as Haze, but the juices are thicker, so they tend to make the tobacco a little harder to work with, but I use a small wooden stick to stir the shisha before packing. It’s important to note that Al Fakher likes a fluffy pack; if you push it down you are doing it wrong!

For Al Fakher Vanilla, I used three Ecocha cube coals, reducing to two early in the session, and packed it in my Pharaoh bowl with an unglazed clay phunnel top. Unglazed clay has been a preference of mine lately as long as I’m sticking to one flavor.

The flavor starts off with strong notes of vanilla. It fills the room you are in. Suddenly, you think somebody is baking vanilla cupcakes in the oven! Half way into the session, cloud output is massive and just as big as any other popular brand out there. After about 30 minutes, vanilla notes are reduced and you are left with a light vanilla that’s filled with sugary sweetness. After about an hour, it’s time to load a new bowl. This flavor is already a mild flavor, so longevity is not really a factor for me, but I wouldn't use more than one round of coals with this flavor.

All in all though, this is one of my all time favorite hookah flavors. I smoked through 250 grams of this in a week, and at the end, I wanted more! If you are a fan of smooth and mild smokes that will provide a subtle sweetness and leave you with vanilla cravings, you cannot go wrong with Al Fakher Vanilla! You can pick it up on our websites! Be sure to try their other flavors as well!