There are so many different ways to smoke shisha. Twenty years ago, tradition was pretty consistent and standard. People either packed tobacco and threw coals on top of it, or they put some coals on top of aluminum foil. These methods had their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Foil would keep the tobacco from burning, and bring out lots of flavor. Packing coals straight onto the tobacco would burn it initially, but allow it to release a lot more nicotine and raw tobacco flavor, which some older hookah smokers enjoy.

Now, there are even better ways to smoke hookah, in my opinion that is! Today, I will discuss the advantages of using the Kaloud Lotus with Hookah Hookah tobacco, and why it works so well.

So firstly, it’s important to know why Hookah Hookah tobacco works so well with the Lotus. Our tobacco is an extremely fine cut, which allows for better airflow and heat distribution when smoking. It also means that our tobacco will heat up a lot faster than other cuts. This is convenient, but you have to be careful to not burn the shisha. With aluminum foil, you have very little insulation between the coals and the tobacco, which has been the popular choice for many years. Now, with the Lotus, you can add more heat and scorch the tobacco much less.

The Lotus works well because it is a thicker amount of metal, which means it takes longer to transfer that heat, but once it does, it does so evenly and for a longer time. We sell the Lotus on our website for $44.95, and it does a pretty job of fitting onto the Vortex 1.5 , however it will not fit the original Vortex bowls. Keep an eye open this year for new products that will fit the lotus much better!

It’s best to experiment with different levels of heat. Sometimes, two coals works great with Hookah Hookah, while some flavors tend to work a lot better with three coals. You’ll know what works best, because it will be a balance between big clouds, but without a burning taste. It’s also important that you do not overpack or pack Hookah Hookah too densely. It tends to work well with a “fluffy, but patted down gently” pack. If you pack it too dense, the characteristics of the fine cut cause it to burn some, and if you pack it too loosely, it also causes scorching. Practice makes perfect!

Everybody likes better tasting smoking sessions, which is why the Kaloud Lotus is so awesome! It will also reduce the amount of foil you use, which means less waste and less pollution. Your coals will burn longer in the Lotus as well. Make sure when you use one, that the side vents are not covered up. With the vents on the top closed, the coals inside need to consume oxygen from somewhere, which is why there are side vents. Without the side vents, the coals would be oxygen starved and blacken, or even go out completely.

Speaking of coals, using the right coals will make your session way better in every way. Coconut coals smell and taste better, produce less carbon monoxide, and burn way longer than “quicklight” coals. I personally recommend Ecocha coals. They are made with only three ingredients, and they are organic. We carry Ecocha on the website, but we also carry numerous other coals including Exotica, Haze, and Coconara, among many others.

With the best coals, the best heat management solution, and practiced hands, you can make Hookah Hookah or Hookah Freak be one of the best shisha sessions you’ve ever had. These strategies bring out all the wonderful flavors that we make our tobacco with, and you deserve to enjoy it in the best way possible! We have tons of flavors to choose from; so browse our selection and mix and match to make your perfect smoke!