Lounge CD - World Groove
world groove
World groove is an upbeat, global dance party that features the hottest blends of world music with electronica, dance music and more.

World groove is also an enhanced CD, featuring a colorful music video by egyptian star hisham abbas.
cd tracks
Rouge Rouge • Attention • (France)

Mustafa Sandal • Aya Benzer (Royal G's R&B Mix) • (Turkey)

2raumwohnung • Ich Weiß Warum • (Germany)

Major Boys • Sous le Soleil (Cuba Mix) • (France)

Issa Bagayogo • Nogo • (Mali)

Zap Mama • Miss.Q.In • (Congo/Belgium)

Cheb Mami/K-Mel • Parisien du Nord • (Algeria/France)

Brenda Fassie • Ama-Gents (Club Mix) • (South Africa)

Edesio • El Sapón de Yuya • (Cuba)

Ragheb Alama • Saharony Ellil • (Lebanon)
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World Groove
  • Lounge CD - World Groove

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