Three Kings Instant Charcoal 33mm 5-ROLL
Three Kings Charcoal Roll 5-Pack

Three Kings Charcoal is available as quick lighting charcoals. Each charcoal ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter to it.

Due to the strict selection method and high quality demands of the raw material, as well as the 50-year old, perfected production techniques our charcoal hold no flavor of their own, and have a smooth, long and even burn.

charcoal specs
diameter: 33mm
roll: 10 tablets
count: 5 rolls
how to light instant coals
how to light instant charcoal
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Three Kings Instant Lite Charcoal ROLL 5-Pack - Sahara Smoke
  • Three Kings Instant Charcoal 33mm 5-ROLL

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