The Art of Smoking Hookah


The tradition of smoking hookah started in the Middle East about 500 years ago but has traveled all over the globe. It is now very popular worldwide and it is becoming more common in the United States. Hookah is a water pipe with historical beginnings in Turkey. It contains four main parts, which include a hollow glass vase, vertical stem, a bowl and hoses. A flavored tobacco known as Shisha is heated with indirect heat from hot charcoals. The smoke passes through water creating a bubbling sound as smoke is drawn through the hoses for a light full flavor smoke.

Smoking Hookah is a common past time in the Arab world. Shisha sessions can last 30 minutes to an hour providing a fruity aroma in the air and a relaxing and peaceful sensation. It is often a shared process as the hookah hoses are passed around a table as smokers enjoy the flavored smoke and conversation. With a growing Middle Eastern population in the United States and U.S. troops returning home with new cultural experiences it is no wonder why more locations are adding hookah lounges such as Nevada and California.

Hookahs can be purchased through experienced hookah dealers such as Sahara Smoke , which has 34 years of experience in hookah culture of the Middle East. They provide a large variety of hookahs in several styles from traditional to modern. Hookahs are almost a piece of art with exotic designs, brilliant colors and captivating appeal. Whether someone is an experienced hookah smoker or is a hookah novice, Sahara Smoke provides hookahs and shisha tailored to everyone.

Smoking Hookah is a cultural experience that can open people to an ancient tradition that has changed vary little since its beginnings in Turkey. It is more than a smoking device but an experience that can transport you to another place. It increases ones knowledge of a part of the world that is for the most part misunderstood in the Western world. Perhaps as people choose to expand their knowledge through this simple smoking tool, there will be further efforts to understand our fellow man both near and far.

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