Shisha Pipe Smoking Philosophy

When people smoke shisha they have time to think. It teaches them patience and tolerance, and gives them an appreciation of good company. Shisha is a flavored tobacco smoked in a hookah, which is a Middle Eastern water pipe for smoking. This is a 500-year-old tradition that is a popular past time in the Arab world. It originated in India as a smoking pipe created from a coconut. As this practice traveled to Turkey it became more artistic and elegant as it was transformed into the water pipe form know today.

Shisha is not a rush from here to their nicotine fix method of smoking such as that associated with cigarettes. Shisha Pipe Smoking is pleasant, slow paced relaxation tool. It is traditional to place the hookah in the center of a group of people and smoke the hookah passing the hose from guest to guest. As you draw in the full flavored smoke, the room fills with a rich aroma of fruit or sweet scent. Conversation can range from days events discussion to politics and religion. These conversations are shared in a peaceful manner as a discussion and not a debate.

In Western culture every minute is rushed and jammed full of events, destinations and work. Rarely do people take the time to sit with their fellow man and carry on a relaxing enjoyable conversation. Instead it is common that they eat, work, think and smoke fast. It is likely that hookah smoking is becoming more popular because it provides a moment to be at peace. It states that it is okay to take a moment to sit, to breathe, to think and to enjoy the stillness that is a part of shisha pipe philosophy.

Perhaps with the growing popularity of Shisha pipe smoking people from around the globe will see the value in taking time to enjoy the social comforts of conversation. It is not suggested that smoking hookah will solve the problems of the world but any positive aspects that are passed on to make life more pleasant and enjoyable cannot be a bad thing. Shisha pipe smoking has been around for 500 years and it is growing in popularity. That speaks volumes in itself.

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