Mirror 24" Hookah
Sahara Mirror 24" Hookah
This hookah is by far one of our most attention-grabbing hookahs, featuring a stunning black sleek vase and a reflective top coating it’s sure to catch major interest from guests.
sahara mirror hookah
sahara custom hookah hose options hand crafted glass vase
high-grade metal stem
Washable velvet rope hose
patented sahara vortex bowl
charcoal tray
grommet set
custom carrying bag

sahara hookah accessories
sahara hookah accessories


sahara mirror hookah height: 24 inches
bowl: sahara vortex
stem: black medium nar
vase: medium mirror
  height: 7 inches
width: 7 inches
volume: ~ 4 cups
hose: washable velvet rope
  length: 74 inches


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how to set up a sahara custom hookah
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how to clean a sahara custom hookah
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customer ratings & reviews

Hookah showed up with lots of extra gifts, hole poker, shisha, coals, etc. hookah smokes great, fantastic clouds when it gets going. the vase wasn't as mirrored as i had expected, basically just a shiny black base. It was kind of hard to figure out how much water should be in it since you cant see the water level but found out pretty quick with a measuring cup (about 30 oz) vortex bowl was a big plus and the hose is really wide giving it a nice flow. Overall great hookah for the price.
by Tim (Posted on 11/11/13)
I bought this hookah for my boyfriend's birthday. He absolutely loves it and says it's the best hookah he's used. One of the hoses had a little tear in it when we received it, but they sent a new one the day after I wrote to customer service. I was extremely impressed and am very satisfied with the purchase.
by Mariah (Posted on 11/6/12)
Mirror 24" Hookah
  • Mirror 24" Hookah

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Price: $124.95
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