Khanjar Scar 18" Hookah AMBER
Khanjar Scar Hookah

The Khanjar Scar comes in translucent hues of amber brown and stunning gold and stands 18” tall giving you more chamber space for your smoke for an even more enlightened experience in smoking shisha through your own personal hookah.

This hookah is portable and comes with everything you need to get started including the bowl, grommets, tray, tongs, hose, vase, and stem.

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sahara custom hookah supplies


sahara khanjar scar hookah height: 18 inches
bowl: khanjar vortex
stem: gold khanjar stem
vase: khanjar scar
  height: 5.5 inches
width: 4.5 inches
volume: ~ 1 cup
hose: washable
  length: 48 inches
spec_bottom_left 4.5" spec_bottom_right

how to set up sahara hookahs
how to set up sahara smoke custom hookah
how to clean sahara hookahs
how to clean sahara smoke custom hookahs
sahara smoke custom hookahs
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  • Khanjar Scar 18" Hookah AMBER

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Price: $29.95
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