Genie Bubble 15" Hookah PURPLE

Sahara Genie Bubble hookah PURPLE

The capricious bubbles that raise from the base of this wine colored vase give this numinous hookah its airy yet mystical feel.
sahara genie bubble hookah
sahara custom hookah hose options hand crafted glass vase
high-grade metal stem
synthetic leather hose
patented sahara vortex bowl
charcoal tray
grommet set
custom carrying bag

sahara hookah accessories
sahara custom hookah accessories


sahara smoke genie bubble hookah purple height: 15 inches
bowl: sahara vortex
stem: black sahara genie
vase: small bubble
  height: 5.5 inches
width: 5.5 inches
volume: ~ 2 cups
hose: synthetic leather
  length: 70 inches

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why Sahara Smoke custom hookahs
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how to set up a sahara custom hookah
how to set up sahara custom hookahs
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how to clean sahara custom hookahs
sahara smoke custom hookahs since 2002

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Genie Bubble 15" Hookah PURPLE
  • Genie Bubble 15" Hookah PURPLE

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