Kiss Envy 15" Hookah
Sahara Kiss Envy 15" Hookah
Swirls of lush lavender flow up the sides of this small translucent Kiss shaped glass vase setting the mood for a luxurious and relaxing time.
Sahara Kiss Envy Hookah
sahara custom hookah hose options hand crafted glass vase
high-grade metal stem
synthetic leather hose
patented sahara vortex bowl
charcoal tray
grommet set
custom carrying bag

sahara accessories with your hookah
sahara hookah accessories


sahara kiss magma hookah height: 15 inches
bowl: sahara vortex
stem: silver sahara genie
vase: small kiss envy
  height: 5.5 inches
width: 5.5 inches
volume: ~ 2 cups
hose: synthetic leather
  length: 70 inches


why sahara smoke custom hookahs
  sahara videos
how to set up a hookah
how to set up a sahara custom hookah
how to clean a hookah
how to clean a sahara custom hookah
sahara custom hookahs

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Kiss Envy 15" Hookah
  • Kiss Envy 15" Hookah

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