Enjoy Quality Hookah Products from Sahara Smoke

Sahara Smoke provides quality hookah products thanks to our 34 years of experience in hookah Middle Eastern culture. We offer both hookah experts and hookah novices products from beautiful hookahs to a wide range of hookah flavors. Visitors will find a large variety of hookahs from Sahara hookahs to exotic, modern and classic hookah styles. They come in small, medium and large sizes to suit the style and size needs for each individual. There is also the opportunity to design a customized hookah by choosing the vase, bowl, stem and hoses for the perfect hookah.

Hookah products such as tongs, screens, hoses, bowls and many more hookah products to choose from are also available. Shoppers can purchase a replacement hookah accessory or design a new hookah for a beautiful customized piece. All hookah products are quality items provided at fair prices.

Hookah flavors are also available at saharasmoke.com. They offer over 52 flavors of shisha as well as moassel in jars, shots and cartons for a hookah cafe or for personal hookah smoking. Shisha flavors include, but are not limited to, strawberry, acai berry, and 7-spice. Each shisha provides a full flavored smoke to be enjoyed solo or shared with friends.

To add to the hookah smoking atmosphere customers can add hookah lounge music to their shopping cart. This hookah product can add the experience and transport you from your living room to the ancient lands of the Middle East. Throw a get together and play some Acoustic Arabia, Turkish Groove or Sahara Lounge music to set the mood.

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