Heavy Duty Smart Hookah Foil 100ct Roll
heavy duty hookah foil roll 100ct
Precut, perforated, and perfectly sized for hookah bowls, helping to cut down on set up time. This hookah foil is heavy duty to conduct the right amount of heat from lit coals and already has holes punched for you.
foil specs
width: 5 inches
length: 5 inches
count: 100 sheets
customer ratings & reviews

These are a massive time and effort-saver. I used to use metal screens but kept losing them or would break the folding tabs after repeated use or would have too much char caked on the bottom to clean off. Using kitchen foil meant cutting squares out of the box and then hand punching.

Each sheet's just right, with tiny pinholes to save you going OCD with the pin on your tongs. Drawing heat and air into the shisha was surprisingly smooth even with the tiny hole size, and I kept a single bowl going for hours on one sheet and a few coals.
by Zsander (Posted on 1/2/14)
Heavy Duty Hookah Foil Roll
  • Heavy Duty Smart Hookah Foil 100ct Roll

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