Hookah Dragon Flip Bowl Silver
hookah dragon flip bowl silver
The hookah flip bowl is a new innovation in hookah bowls, instead of having your coals sit on top of your shisha, you let your shisha sit above your coals, thus reducing the taste of the charcoal. The flip bowl also allows you to adjust the amount of heat getting to your shisha by raising and lowering the charcoal holder. The hookah flip bowl is designed to have a center of gravity that will not cause your hookah to lean.
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This bowl smokes wonderfully. No charcoal taste, easy to set the proper temp, and the bowl makes it harder to knock coals onto the ground. 4 times out of 5 when the hookah gets knocked over, the only thing that comes out of the bowl is a little bit of ash. Wish the bowl was cheaper, and made alittle better. Mine is showing signs of stress fractures around the top of the dragon's neck and the eyes fell off. The whole thing is a bit heavy too, it tends to lean and it makes the hookah even taller than it already is. But over all i would highly reccomend it to the regular hookah smoker.
by Nicholas (Posted on 1/11/14)
Hookah Dragon Flip Bowl Silver - B/T
  • Hookah Dragon Flip Bowl Silver

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