Ecocha Coconut Charcoal 324pc Box
Ecocha Coconut Charcoal 324pc

One of the best natural coconut charcoals you will ever try! Ecocha Coconut Charcoal stands out among the competitors, bringing the quality and feel of a small company together with the consistency and confidence of a large company.

Ecocha charcoals burn slowly with very little ash, and do not lose shape as they continue to burn down. There is no aftertaste or smell involved even when heating the coals, letting hookah lovers enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the after-taste of charcoal.

Value is important, and Ecocha clearly cares about providing a healthy and transparent solution that can still save you money. Their products are 100% all natural, organic, and contain no harsh chemicals. In fact, they only contain three ingredients - starch, water, and coconut shell. Ecocha realizes that simplicity is key to providing a slow burning, healthy, and non-intrusive solution to shisha coals, and they do it better than anyone else right now.

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box: 324 pieces
1 inch
1 inch
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Ecocha Coconut Charcoal 324pc Box - Sahara Smoke
  • Ecocha Coconut Charcoal 324pc Box

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