Hookah Accessories

Hookah Accessories is a category that includes any sort of peripheral hookah item, be it hoses, bowls, grommets, or other enhancements like lights to include in one's vase. This is also the most rapidly changing and innovating field of the hookah industry.

So, why are accessories changing and updating so much? The main reason is hookahs themselves are unchangeable, you can't really add much to the stem and vase combo that will increase its functionality. However, for items such as bowls and hoses, great bounds of changes and improvements can always be made.

An example of a bowl upgrade would be the Vortex bowl. Instead of using the traditional design that allows juiced from your shisha to leak down your stem, giving more flavor that lasts longer from your shisha, the Vortex bowl has a spire in the center so that the juices remained trapped in the bowl. Small innovations like this modernize hookah smoking and upgrade the overall quality of smoking sessions.

Hoses are also being changed, they're now made in a wider gauge for easier draw, as well as modified handles and hose tips for more comfort. The more they're tweaked, the more enjoyable smoking a hookah can be!

Thus, Hookah Accessories are the fastest changing and upgrading items on the market, an they will continue to improve as time goes on, ensuring that hookahs move closer to perfection with every change.

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