Premium, hand crafted blends, flavored to perfection. Haze tobacco uses the world's finest combination of ingredients to create amazingly unique flavors. Haze tobacco comes in a patented 'Stack N Haze' containers, allowing you to use one tin as the lid for another to save storage space and keep your favorite combinations together. Haze Tobacco... Simply the Best.

This is a list of all Haze shisha flavors offered at Sahara Smoke. To purchase Haze shisha click here.

haze shisha 5 cents a cup

5 Cents a Cup ::

Sweet cool refreshing pink lemonade.

Haze Shisha Blueberry

Blueberry ::

Fruity, mildy sweet, and similar to the real fruit!

Haze Shisha Carnival Nights

Carnival Nights ::

A spicy combination of Cardamon and mint!

Haze Shisha Chaitastic

Chaitastic ::

An explosion of chai flavor with hints of caramel.

Haze Shisha Cucumberita

Cucumberita ::

A best seller. Cucumber and margarita together!

Haze Shisha Double Bubble

Double Bubble ::

Bubble gum with a pinch of cinnamon.

Haze Shisha Eve Temptation

Eve's Temptation ::

Apple flavor with cool spiced earthy undertones.

Haze Shisha Frozen Lakes

Frozen Lakes ::

A cooling watermelon flavor, another best seller!

Haze Shisha Grape

Grape ::

Tart and sweet, a grape candy shisha!

Haze Shisha Hey Man

Hey Man ::

A unique mix of mango, tamarind, and chili!

Haze Shisha Iceberg

Iceberg ::

Fruity and sweet, but with a blast of cold!

Haze Shisha Lime It Up

Lime It Up ::

A favorite of citrus fans, a burst of lime with hints of other citrus notes.

Haze Shisha Lite It Up

Lite It Up ::

Earthy cinnamon flavor with back notes of banana, unique and delicous.

Haze Shisha Majestic Bru

Majestic Bru ::

Candly like orange cream flavor with floral undertones.

Haze Shisha Nice Dreams

Nice Dreams ::

Various berry flavors with margarita, a party favorite!

Haze Shisha Oh Boy Explosion

Oh Boy Explosion ::

Peach spice, and everything nice (or sweet!)

Haze Shisha Orange Swirl

Orange Swirl ::

The classic orange creamsicle!

Haze Shisha Panty Droppa

Panty Droppa ::

Candy like watermelon with a big piece of bubblegum!

Haze Shisha Peach Cooler

Peach Cooler ::

A fresh peach but with a cooling sensation.

Haze Shisha Pineapple Krush

Pineapple Krush ::

Extremely refreshing pineapple flavor, like a drink on the beach.

Haze Shisha Quack Quack

Quack Quack ::

Mixed fruits with a pinch of mint!

Haze Shisha Skills on the Rocks

Skills On The Rocks ::

Like going on a cruise line and asking for the best fruit drink!

Haze Shisha Strawberry

Strawberry ::

Simple, creamy, and consistent.

Haze Shisha Subzero

Subzero ::

Like a mix between different breathmints!

Haze Shisha Summer Time

Summer Time::

Takes you back to the days of fruit juice pouches as a kid!

Haze Shisha Sweet Melon Medley

Sweet Melon Medley ::

Melon Madness with mixes of watermelon and melon!

Haze Shisha Twice the Apple

Twice the Apple ::

Burst of green and red apples with a hint of spice.

Haze Shisha Ultimint

Ultimint ::

Super cooling and unique, a nice dose of spearmint!

Haze Shisha Watermelon

Watermelon ::

Mild, but still sweet, this watermelon flavor will make you want the real thing.

Haze Shisha Whatamint

What-a-Mint ::

A creamy take on the classic peppermint, almost like a peppermint patty!

Haze Shisha Yummy Madness

Yummy Madness ::

All the gummy bear flavors in one smoke!

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