Exotica COCONUT Hookah Charcoal Box 100pc
Exotica COCONUT Charcoal Box 100pc

If there is one company that welcomes the exotic nature of hookah, that would be Exotica. Exotica charcoal is a safer and healthier alternative to quicklight coals, and provides some unique strengths compared to other charcoal on the market. As the world's first square finger coal, Exotica Charcoals come in sticks of three pre-scored coals and are clean burning, contain no chemicals, and do not affect the taste of your shisha.

charcoal specs
box: 25 bars
bar: 4 coals
1.25 inch
.75 inch
.75 inch
how to light natural coals
how to light natural hookah charcoal
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Exotica COCONUT Hookah Charcoal Box
  • Exotica COCONUT Hookah Charcoal Box 100pc

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