Cocobuzz 1.0 Charcoal - 1 Kilo box
CocoBuzz Natural Coconut Charcoal

Here it is! Not only is their extraordinarily flavorful shisha hitting the markets with a bang, but Starbuzz Tobacco has now designed the invigoratingly powerful and captivating CocoBuzz charcoal that is capitalizing the hookah charcoal market.

With its innovative design, not only is it's heat output perfected for evenly cooking your shisha but it's 100% Eco-friendly and 0% chemical additive ingredients allow for up to an hour and a half of terrific smoking experience with no tarnished flavor!

charcoal specs

box: 72 pieces
1 inch
1 inch
0.5 inch

how to light natural coals

how to light natural hookah charcoal
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Cocobuzz 1.0 Charcoal - 1 Kilo box
  • Cocobuzz 1.0 Charcoal - 1 Kilo box

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