Lounge CD - Caribbean Party
caribbean party
Take a caribbean cruise with putumayo to martinique, guadeloupe, barbados, jamaica, montserrat and haiti, and experience the infectious, hip-shaking rhythms of zouk, soca, compas and reggae.
cd tracks
Kali • L'Histoire de Zouk • (Martinique)

Tabou Combo • Chalè Lanmou • (Haiti)

Bago • Serjyo • (Martinique)

Krosfyah • Pump Me Up • (Barbados)

Coalishun • Ice Cream • (Barbados)

Bunny Wailer • Roots, Rock, Reggae • (Jamaica)

Eric Virgal • Pa Fe Mwen La Pen • (Martinique)

Patsy Geremy And Souskay • Chayew Ale • (French Antilles)

Ralph Thamar • Dokte • (Martinique)

Arrow • Don't Touch My Tempo • (Montserrat)
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Caribbean Party
  • Lounge CD - Caribbean Party

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