As said in multiple films, “Big things have small beginnings.” This quote applies well to one of our company’s best selling hookahs. The Pandora Vice is a smaller 15 inch hookah, but do not let the size fool you. This hookah has all the advantages of a big hitter, but with the ease of use of smaller shisha pipes.

Every part that comes with this hookah is an admirable blend of quality, value, and utility. The vase is hand blown, very thick, and beautifully colored and textured. While I do work for Sahara Smoke, I have been involved in the consumer world of hookah for 10 years, and in that time I have found that Sahara makes the highest quality vases on the market, and this is no different with this particular hookah. The stem is very heavy and sturdy. It is balanced well, and removable parts are easy to assemble and reassemble. All rubber grommets feel like they will stand up to the test of time and abuse.

It comes in this cool black coating that contrasts really well with the vase. The threading for the metal is well protected against rusting and oxidation. The hose is a synthetic leather hose, but it is washable, and is a great diameter for huge smoke clouds. The coal tray and hose clearance is close, but absolutely perfect. The bowl is of course our patented VORTEX design, which allows shisha juices to stay inside the bowl instead of dripping down the stem.

While the hookah is a complete and quality package, it is not all you get with the Pandora Vice. This package also includes metal tongs and a sleek custom carrying bag. No more metal cages for your small hookahs!

If you enjoy hookah, but also place high value on your social life, this hookah is perfect for you. It is easy to carry around, and unlike most small narguile pipes, this one is high quality and smokes just as serious as its bigger cousins. The Pandora Vice is a great gift for friends and spouses alike, and a great addition to anyones cachimba collection!

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