At Sahara Smoke, we take a lot of pride in our hookah line. Versatility and usability are chief concerns when building a quality shisha pipe. One strength of Sahara hookahs is the fact that most parts are interchangeable, which means building a new hookah from our line can be cheaper for the customer, and design possibilities are almost endless. With our huge selection of vases, one can pick out the perfect setup for themselves.

Most people have balance in mind when concerning a new hookah pipe. Huge narguile pipes are nice to look at, but when it comes to smoking, they are hard to pull, and take a long time to get substantial smoke clouds. Super small hookahs are usually very nice, but they can heat up really quickly and therefore require much more heat management. A nice medium between two extremes would be the 24" hookah line. Along with being a nice even number, this size of pipe is one that can be managed on a floor or raised surface, without major gravity problems.

The 24 inch WAKE is a perfect example of the balanced hookah pipe. Minimalistic design follows with stark color contrast in this hookah for anyone and everyone. With this hookah, you will not have to worry about it not matching in your room. Starting with the vase, you get a beautiful twisty mix of clear glass and sandblasted glass, leaving you with full visibility of the vase, but also with enough design to catch the eye. The stem is a brightly sheened silver that contrasts the vase perfectly. As with most Sahara hookahs, this pipe can be converted to a single all the way to a four hose setup, if desired. The hose is a gentle dark color, and is washable, which is a great bonus for a beginning hookah smoker. At the top of the hookah, it comes with a simple, yet effective silver coal tray. The VORTEX bowl is included in this package, along with a nice set of Sahara tongs. With the VORTEX bowl, you get a longer lasting smoke by preventing the shisha juices from draining. All of this is brought together in a convenient travel bag, which is great for bringing over to a friends house.

The spiral design of the pipe is intriguing, yet simple to clean. This is the perfect package for a beginning hookah smoker. Everything is easily cleanable and assembly is easy every time. If you are looking for a new hookah, whether you be a newcomer to shisha or a veteran, this bold design is sure to satisfy the mysterious side in all of us.

sahara smoke wake hookah