Summer is coming to a close, and it was a hot one. As usual, the bright sunny mornings and rainy afternoons of the Georgia summer have come and gone too fast. Don’t let that deter you though, there are still plenty of sweet and savory shisha tobacco selections that fit the weather! Here at Sahara Smoke, we have some of the best shisha tobacco around, and that doesn’t just include our Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak lines, but other brands as well, such as Haze, Starbuzz, Fumari, and Hookahfina, among many others! All of that selection can be a little overwhelming, but that is why you have me to help you choose!

For the past few years, Haze tobacco out of Texas has been producing some of the best shisha tobacco you can get, and it is made right here in the United States! They produce 70 flavors, some of them sweet and tart, while some of them are exotic and funky! They have standard lines, as well as flavors endorsed by popular culture figures such as Cheech and Chong. In addition to a high quality tobacco, they have some very impressive packaging with stacking metal cans. This saves you space and keeps all your Haze flavors bundled together, for easy selection!

Today I will briefly discuss a flavor that I have recently tried called Summer Time. Summer Time is one of those flavors that is definately enjoyed during summer, as the name suggests. It is very much on the sweeter side of life, but that certainly is not a bad thing. For sampling this flavor, I used a Kaloud Lotus with my Samsaris, two Ecocha coals stonehenge style, and a Dream Hose. While three coals is better suited for Haze, it would heat my Samsaris up too much, so I opted for two coals and waited longer for the bowl to warm up.

Once the bowl was heated up, this flavor was producing massive clouds. Haze has always been great at producing huge amounts of smoke, which is great if you like smoke tricks, just be careful to not get too buzzed! The brain needs oxygen to work right- BREATH! The cut of Haze is medium stringy chopped with lots of leaves still connected to each other. This works well with a medium to dense pack, as the leaves layer over themselves very nicely, allowing a long lasting bowl in most cases.

The smell and taste of this flavor could be considered tropical and sweet. It smells very similar to a flavored fruit juice I had as a kid that came in pouches. The flavor is very similar; I detected mango and some mix of artifical fruits. The flavor really came together though, and encouraged me to keep smoking. Unfortunately, I discovered through smoking a few bowls that the flavor has a terrible longevity. After about 30 minutes, there is no flavor at all, except for tobacco, which does not taste good on its own in a hookah pipe! Every bowl I have tried of this flavor yielded the same results. It could either just be a bad batch, or a problem with the formula of the flavor, but just like summer, it was short and sweet.

Overall though, when this flavor was smoking well when it had flavor, and it would be a huge hit at a party, where people have a taste for something really sweet when it comes to nargile. If you like tropical fruit juice, then this is a flavor you need to pick up and try!