We live in a modern age. What do I mean by that? Well, for the past 100 years, the world has quickly progressed to a more and more industrialized and united society. Humans have been advancing technology at a rapid pace, and while that has slowed down some in the past twenty years, our progression is still impressive. With all that progression comes convenience. In some areas, convenience is a great thing, while in others, it can be unhealthy. Transportation can benefit from convenience, but food is something that convenience can ruin.

What about with shisha? Preparing a hookah can be a frustrating and time testing process. Most of the time, only patience and expertise can improve a hookah session. What about for mixing shisha? It gets your hands sticky, and generally makes a big mess. Now there is a device that can save you both a mess and time! Whether you are a hookah enthusiast at home, or an owner or employee of a hookah lounge, the time has come to make your mixing life easier.

Hookahtec, a company specializing in modern hookah products, brings a new product onto the market, called the Smartfunl! The smartfunl is just what it sounds like, it is a “salad shooter”, but for shisha! This product was designed using the most modern techniques, and boasts a wonderful hand held design that helps anyone save time. Like a lot of new products coming out, the robust design of the Smartfunl allows it to be made on a 3D printer and be retailed for $29.95.

If you are like me, and have to place a paper towel underneath a bowl when packing, you will eventually realize that you loose around a bowl or two a week, and if you smoke shisha every day, that can add up. Using this device will solve the problem of losing tobacco.

Featuring a sturdy design, the seals are filled with rubber; so leaking shisha juices will not be an issue. It comes with a nice rubber stopper on the front of it too. Turning the handle one way will mix the shisha on the inside, while turning it the other way will both mix it on the inside and dispense shisha at a nice steady rate. The Smartfunl will hold 300 grams of shisha, but it seems that 250 grams of shisha is the best amount to put in it. It also comes with a convenient strap to hold onto it. It will stand on a table, and it has a nice little shisha utensil for packing your bowl, this way it truly is a hands clean operation all the way through.