Is it alive? It sure looks alive! The 17 inch Skin hookah will make your “hookah skin” crawl! With this small and portable hookah design from our vault here at Sahara, you are bound to experience a natural and mysterious experience that will leave you curiously wanting more! At Sahara Smoke, we have been designing small hookahs for over a decade, and in that time we have made a product that meets and beats all the expectations for a small and high quality hookah pipe.

Aside from our normal collection, we have a limited number of “vault” items. Our vault items are products that have been very successful in the past, and yet have been discontinued. Most of these designs are really quite unique, and almost always catch the eye. When we release these pipes from the vault, they usually are in very limited quantities, and go quick, so if this is something that interests you, get one before they disappear!

As with all our hookah packages, the Skin comes equipped with the wonderful Vortex bowl, and this one happens to be a light brown that matches the hookah perfectly! The Vortex is our patented design that is a mix between a classic Egyptian bowl, and a phunnel bowl. It comes with a spire in the middle with the holes on the side of the spire. This allows the heat to circulate in a circular motion around the shisha, which helps heat it evenly. The holes on the side are placed to prevent shisha juices from dripping into the base, which saves flavor and keeps your bowl lasting longer!

The stem design on this particular model is super cool. If you like gunmetal grey, you will love the sheen on this one. The stem is very solid on our smaller hookahs, and has a quality weight to them. One could almost use it as a weapon or home defense system; if you have a break in, just disassemble the stem from the base and swing away! The hose that comes with this hookah is our standard washable hose, but it will serve any hookah smoker well, and has a solid draw.

The base of the Skin hookah is the star of the show! Unlike our current model Skins, this one has a nice brown, black, and yellow pattern to the glass. The weight of the base is staggering, and keeps the entire system from leaning or wobbling in any way. Not only do our bases work great with our hookahs, but they also make a fantastic replacement base for almost any setup out there. The neck of the base is super thick, and provides a solid and airtight seal. Both the purge valve and hose port holds up well with the base to create a solid seal that will not wear out. While the patterns on this paint design are unique, what also is interesting is that the Skin’s checkered texture is separate from the paint design, so you have two layers of glass. This provides a certain level of depth that is really fun to look at and a great conversation piece at a party or social gathering.

At Sahara, we know that every customer is going to have different desires when shopping for a hookah, and this is one of the reasons we carry many different sizes and variations. We have a hookah pipe for every occasion and situation, and all of them are going to provide a smoking experience that is rivaled only by the best nargile pipes out there. For the perfect size in any location, and for optimum portability, the 17 inch Skin hookah will provide a super cloudy and smooth smoking experience, but with the ease of being able to place it all in a small carry bag to bring anywhere. Don’t let your love of hookah keep you from going on an adventure!