Since the beginning of hookah smoking, people have had a liking for mint flavors. It is very easy to understand why. Mint is a very mild flavor that enhances a lot of food, drinks, and desserts alike. Not only is it a nice flavor, but it is easy to grow as well. In fact, if you grow mint in a garden, it will take over the rest of the plants. Typically, people grow mint in a small pot in the kitchen, so that it does not invade everything else. Having a plant inside a young person’s house is rare these days, but it will smell nice, keep the air fresher, and provide fresh cooking ingredients!

Today, I will be briefly reviewing our very own Hookah-Hookah Mint, which is dubbed “Pure Mint”. Sometimes, people want a serious cooling sensation paired with mint flavors. This is not the case with our mint. Instead, it takes the natural approach of mild flavor and a sweet finish. At Sahara Smoke, the Hookah-Hookah line is our biggest line of tobacco flavors. Though there are many to choose from, sometimes it is better to go simple. We use only Kosher vegetable glycerin and process all our tobacco by hand here, and the results stand out with full flavor and a smoke that lasts.

Mint is one of those flavors that most people have laying around in their collection, and sometimes it is the favorite among hookah enthusiasts. There are many variations, ranging from the blisteringly cold Pure FML flavor to the very sweet Haze What-A-Mint. Hookah-Hookah Pure Mint lands on the more natural side of the spectrum. For this review, I used a Kaloud Samsaris paired with a Lotus, for maximum flavor.

The flavor of Pure Mint is one that makes me come back for more. It has that addictive afternote of natural mint leaf, paired with this mellow flavor that is sweet, but not overwhelming. The smell is similar to the taste, with a big kick in the face of mint. However, it does not overwhelm the nose with menthol, as many other mint flavors do. The cloud output of this flavor is about the same of most Hookah-Hookah flavors, and it does not disappoint. There is plenty smoke density for any sort of smoke tricks, and it is very smooth and does not feel rough on the exhale.

With the overabundance of mint flavors in today’s shisha market, it is refreshing to have one that provides a natural experience, but does not freeze dry the throat. For a simple mint bowl, this would work perfect, but I found it to be even better as a mix. Two parts Pure FML and four parts Pure Mint makes for a chilly and sweet smoke. I will be keeping this flavor on hand from now on as my go-to mint!