In all my years I was a child, I have watched few television shows that provide the raw entertainment and style that was displayed in Scooby-Doo. Let’s face it, in modern times the show is lacking a culture connection with today’s youth, but that does not mean it is not still an absolute classic. There have been many cartoons since then, but few will ever be able to top the pure fame of Scooby-Doo.

At Sahara Smoke, we pride ourselves in making some fantastic shisha tobacco. Our tobacco is long cut and mainly from North Carolina. We use Kosher vegetable glycerin, no dyes, and no artificial ingredients. With our shisha, you can trust that you are having a clean hookah session that is not diluted by things like propylene glycol. In addition to being simple, our shisha tobacco boasts a massive selection of flavors, which have been tweaked and perfected over the years to provide you with a very tasty experience.

Today I will be discussing a legend. At Sahara, there are few flavors that are known as well as Scooby Snack. On top of being one of our best sellers, Scooby Snack is a very mellow flavor that is perfect for any day in any weather. Our official description of the flavor is as follows: “This Melon-based flavor has a rich, creamy undertone that makes it so delicious, it’s no wonder that an addled youth and his scaredy-cat dog went bonkers for it!” People do tend to go bonkers for this flavor; I have a friend that smokes only Scooby Snack, and buys more of the flavor than some people buy shisha in a month! This dedication is what made me so curious as to why this flavor is so coveted, so I delved deeper and discovered something that could very well be mistaken for a snack by the smell alone.

Hookah-Freak tobacco is very finely chopped, and therefore heats up pretty quickly. One should keep this in mind so that they do not scorch their bowl. For this review, I used a Vortex bowl with a wind cover and foil. As much as I like my Lotus, sometimes you have to prepare things the traditional way! The smell of this blend is very calming. At first, you get cinnamon cookies and brown sugar, but it follows by a mild melon smell that comes out in the end. It is a very sweet smell, but one that also makes you question how it will come out in the smoke. The flavor of Scooby Snack is gentle, but at the same time very unique. It is almost like a sugar cookie with a slice of fruit on top. This makes the overall experience very smooth. I always have a very clean smoke experience from this flavor, and it produces some of the biggest clouds I have seen from any shisha tobacco. The strength of this tobacco varies blend to blend, but I find that the buzz from Scooby Snack is very slow to approach and does not overwhelm.

One of my favorite things about this blend is how every characteristic matches up, whether it is the sweet taste or the full bodied smell, everything seems to work very well together. I think this striking of harmony is one of the reasons this flavor is an absolute favorite among the Hookah-Freak line. If you get this flavor expecting a weird other-worldly experience, you are mistaken. If you expect it to be consistent, mellow, smooth, and very tasty, you would be absolutely correct!