There are a lot of different bowls on the market for hookah. For many years, there was only one or two traditional styles, which consisted of clay bowls with holes in the bottom for drawing the smoke down. Clay is a wonderful medium to create heat resistant shapes that hold up to abuse and time, but they break easily, and they get extremely hot in shisha related activities.

kaloud samsaris hookah bowl

Since the dominant market of clay has been established, many competitors, such as quartz and glass have shown themselves, but they produce similar problems. One remedy to this problem is to use a material that is resistant to heat, but cannot shatter. This magical material is known as silicone. Contrary to what most people believe, Silicone is not a plastic. It is a polymer of oxygen and silicon atoms tangled in a matrix. Silicone has a high tensile strength, and an impressive resistance to heat considering the materials consistency.

Now we all have our reservations about silicone smoking products, and that is not a bad thing to have. The key to using silicone for hookah is not avoiding it, it is taking care of it. It can only take so much heat before degradation starts.

A company called Kaloud has come out with a quality silicone phunnel bowl that does not degrade, and does not overheat, granted you use two or less coals on it. The best part about a silicone bowl is that it cannot shatter. It comes with a nice shallow spiral design, which allows the shisha juices to collect, which keeps the tobacco from drying out. Another strength of the silicone bowl is that it does not transfer heat very much, so after a long hookah session you can still pick up the bowl with your bare hands.

If you are looking for something different, something off the straight path, then the Kaloud Samsaris is worth taking a look at. I recommend regular cleaning to avoid carbon buildup. Some people have had degrading issues with their Samsaris bowl, but I have found that more often than not it is not the fault of the bowl. When there is excessive carbon buildup on the Samsaris, people tend to want to pick off the bits of carbon, but they pinch too hard and pull off pieces of silicone as well. Once this process has started, it gets easier and easier for the silicone bowl to get more knicks in it. Kaloud has acknowledged this, and says they are working on an improved product that will prevent this from happening.

All the weaknesses aside, I have been using my Samsaris for about two months now, with no problems at all. I find it nice that I do not need to worry about burning my hands when packing a second hookah bowl, and I do not have to worry about what happens when I drop it.