Smoking shisha is usually an activity that pays no heed to the concept of time. As hookah smokers, we want to smoke hookah to be relaxed and forget about the world around us. It is both a social activity, but also one of solitary nature that brings a mind in on itself. In traditional narguile cultures, such as Egypt or Turkey, people have often said they would rather be deprived of a evening dinner than their shisha. Clearly it is a very important social gathering, but also a bold display of ancient culture melding with the modern world.

From the above mentionings, we can gather that smoking shisha is a highly valued time of day for many. Preparing a cachimba pipe takes time though, and with that time lost, you lose time to enjoy your smoking session. Saving time is always a valued thing, but this is especially true when preparing hookah. A windcover is typically a device that protects something from the open air current, and this applies to hookah windcovers as well.

There are many windcovers in the market. Khalil Mamoon makes a ornate windcover, and there are countless other companies that make such devices. At Sahara Smoke, we have developed a windcover that is a careful blend of functionality, taste, and minimalism, while still maintaining a quality product. Chiefly, windcovers are useful for keeping the coals from burning quickly in windy environments, but also essential is their ability to heat the bowl up quickly. This is where a windcover ties back to enjoying your valuable free time, instead of being delayed for a hookah to warm up slowly.

The windcover is a shiny piece, silver in color, and rather large. It has rather cool lightning cuts into it, as to allow some heat to escape. The shape reminds me of an onion, so I also sometimes call it the “onion windcover”. The rim fits most coal trays, big or small, and while it is large, this windcover heats up quicker than any other I’ve tried. It also doubles as a safety catch, incase somebody knocks over your beautiful hookah, the coals will usually stay inside the windcover instead of flying onto a person, animal, or carpet. It also has a minimally ornate Sahara Smoke logo, which matches the design well. As a handle, the top is made of wood, and will keep you from burning yourself while removing it from a hot bowl.

With the Sahara Smoke windcover, save time for what matters most with hookah- smoking. Carefully maintain your own temperature range and experience this windcover for yourselves, it will make your session preparation faster, it is safer, and it increases the quality of the smoking session altogether.

sahara smoke windcover