According to the dictionary, a freak refers to a person with an unusual physical abnormality. This cannot be farther from the truth when talking about the hookah world. In the shisha community, a Hookah Freak is someone who is passionate and loves everything hookah. If this is the case, then wouldn’t a hookah freak want to experience some freaky flavors?

At Sahara, we have a line of shisha tobacco called “Hookah Freak”. They include many delicious flavors that either imitate everyday flavors, or flavors that are rather exotic, such as Apocalypse, which tastes and smells like Vicks rub. Sweet Tang tastes a lot like a Sunny D, which would certainly fall under everyday flavors, or at least flavors we have all encountered.

Today, I will discuss a particular delicious flavor from the Hookah Freak line, called “Rich and Smooth”. As with all tobacco here at Sahara, it is a long cut shisha tobacco, similar to ribbons, which helps hold a lot of juice and also allows for a very dense pack. As the name suggests, the flavor is very dense, smooth, and rich. It has mellow notes of vanilla, and I also detected something similar to chai. It is very filling, like a bread product. The clouds produced were huge, and the taste lasted until the end of the session, which was about 90 minutes.

Rich and smooth is a perfect flavor to take to a friends house, and is sure to satisfy a large variety of palates. I happened to share this flavor with some friends, and it provided something different from your typical sweet hookah flavor. They have two dogs, and while we do not smoke with them in the room, after our session was over and they were let back in, they were literally licking the air. Therefore, I consider this flavor to be approved by multiple species.

As with most of my sessions, I used the Kaloud Lotus with the Samsaris bowl, on top of my KM Tri-Metal Americana. For this session, I used a NuHose, due to them being easily washed of old ghosted flavors.

This was one of the best Hookah-Freak flavors I have tried, and is personally bested only by Sweet Tang and Atomic Fireball. It is difficult to find a shisha tobacco that still maintains some notes of actual tobacco in the flavor, and this is one of the few that does that, and does it well.

hookah freak shisha rich and smooth