With the newly designed Pyrex Charcoal Screen, Sahara Smoke has once again made a breakthrough in revolutionizing one’s ideal hookah session. Its sleek glass design not only adds tp the mesmerizing finish of your hookah masterpiece but intensifies your smoke session! Instead of using hole-punched foil on your bowl, the glass screen in placed directly on top of the shisha-filled Vortex Bowl.

how to use your sahara pyrex charcoal screen

When using the Pyrex Screen versus the original foil screens the packaging of your shisha in your bowl will differ: while with foil-covered bowls the shisha is filled right below the top of the rim, when using the Pyrex screen the shisha is filled slightly over the top of the rim. The objective in packing your bowl is to have your shisha more fluffy and not so dense. If your shisha is packed down causing the volume to be too dense it will prevent the air from circulating throughout the bowl smoothly; by fluffing your shisha slightly over the top of the rim and leaving the shisha throughout your bowl uncondensed the air can easily circulate throughout the shisha evenly. A helpful tip to keep from compressing your shisha is to lightly space out the shisha around the bowl by perforating small holes throughout the shisha.

As the coals heat up, the shisha at the very top of the bowl touching the Pyrex screen begins to stick to the bottom of the screen creating glue-like bond which helps keep the Pyrex screen secure on the bowl during your smoke session. And because of the thickness of the glass, your shisha will not burn when touching the screen unlike when using foil screens which can cause your shisha to scorch if it is packed too high and has direct contact with the coals.

You can use any brand of coals you prefer with the Pyrex screen; after heating your coals place three coals on each corner of the screen to evenly heat up the glass which then heats up your shisha. With no holes below the charcoal, air is pulled through the raised chimney of the glass screen. Not only does this better filter your smoke by using the air around your coals instead of using the air pulled through the coals (like when using foil screens) but the glass screen also prevents any mixed contact between your shisha and your coals. Why is this lack of contact important you ask? This provides for great tasting smoke sessions eliminating any direct contact between your shisha and the hot charcoal ash which can fall through the holes in your foil and tarnish the great flavor of your shisha.

Check out our new Pyrex Screensand enjoy the satisfaction of the best purest smoke session you can have. Once you experience the vast effectiveness of our Pyrex Charcoal Screen your hookah sessions will never be the same without one again!