sahara smoke pyrex vortex bowls

With one new idea after another, Sahara Smoke keeps coming out with more improved ways to enhance your smoking experience. After patenting the vortex bowl which gave you the chance to have a better more fulfilling smoking experience, Sahara Smoke has amazingly perfected even the fairly new vortex bowl!

You can now buy the new Pyrex Vortex hookah bowl. This bowl made of Pyrex brings even better functionality to smoking tobacco because of its higher heat resistance. This higher heat resistance prohibits the tobacco from being burned as easily compared to original ceramic products. Another great aspect about the new Pyrex bowl is that the function of the Pyrex is to better circulate the heat throughout the entire bowl in order to evenly cook all the shisha unlike the original ceramic which heats the shisha up slowly from the top down cooking the shisha unevenly.

Not only are these bowls technologically advanced in allowing you to have smoother smoking experience but the look and feel of the Pyrex Vortex bowls give off the utmost innovative and off-the-wall feature to your hookah that will be like no other!