While enjoying shisha, we all have our habits. Some habits are helpful, others are not. For decades, the popular use of aluminum foil as a medium to place charcoal has dominated the market. It is easily purchased, cheap, and disposable. Typically, the heat produced by hookah charcoal does not pose a risk of combusting aluminum foil.

While there are many convenient aspects of foil bowls, the process of punching holes can get tedious. There are multiple different designs and opinions, and with those preferences comes many strengths and weaknesses.

With the Sahara Vortex Hole Puncher, you can standardize a process in narguile smoking that was so opinionated before. This saves time and arguments amongst friends about how to punch holes in your foil.

The construction is simple, but effective. The plastic is hard enough to not crack, and it comes in two pieces for easy storage. The puncher comes in a translucent black color, to easily match any setup. I really like this idea, as it makes foil an easy setup and it means you do not have to spend money on expensive heat management solutions like the Lotus.

Add convenience to a hobby that takes a lot of time and patience, and enjoy the ease of using the Sahara Hole Puncher.

sahara smoke hole puncher