Fall is here! Time for delicious food, festivities, chilly weather, and general shenanigans! Along with all the family fun, you have got to broaden your tobacco tastes! Summer is gone, and that means flavors in general are shifting. Gone are the smells of lavender and lemongrass, and the smells of cinnamon and sweet potatoes are in the air!

In this blog, I will be briefly discussing some of the delicious fall focused flavors that come out of the Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak flavors! We have a huge selection of delicious flavors to try, but out of all of them, our seasonal flavors are something really special. Sweet and fulfilling tastes will tingle on your taste buds after trying these famous blends!

All Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak tobacco is handmade, and uses only Kosher vegetable glycerin. In addition to this, our tobacco is crafted by our master blender, who stays away from all propylene glycol, which is a nice addition to our shisha preparation. You can trust that your batch of Hookah-Hookah tobacco was made with care, right here in Georgia.

The month of October cannot exclude pumpkins. That being said, our Pumpkin Pie flavor will dazzle your senses with memories of Halloween and Thanksgiving in a smoke! Our pumpkin flavor is strong and pronounced. This makes it a great mixer, or a great flavor on its own! Very few brands offer a pumpkin flavor, so I always thought this was a rather special blend we produce.

A classic flavor of the holiday season is cinnamon. Our Hookah-Hookah Cinnamon will impress any spice fan, as it gently rolls off the taste buds. I find this flavor to go well with Social Smoke’s Cinnamon Roll flavor, to create the ultimate sweet treat. As you would expect, this cinnamon flavor will go well with just about anything, which makes it a great flavor to have in your personal stock.

Spiced Apple Cider is a Fall essential. Not everyone gets to enjoy cider flavors in their homes during the holiday season, so I find this a very enjoyable substitute for the real thing. This flavor has real tang, but is still sweet enough to not be bitter. Oddly enough, it tastes almost exactly the same as a real apple cider, except for a more pronounced apple, which is quite impressive. I find that this flavor goes really well with some Atomic Fireball, to give it that spicy kick!

As a bonus addition, our Hookah-Hookah Hazelnut is a fantastic fall flavor. A powerful nut profile encompasses the initial bite, but a slight coffee note leaves you with a gentle aftertaste. This is great, because a lot of people are very sensitive to the flavor of Hazelnut. Why bother with the real deal when you can enjoy the flavor in your favorite hookah shisha tobacco? This blend is simple, but bold, and will hold true to its profile.

There are a lot of exciting things happening when Fall rolls around, but it doesn’t have to be limited to traditional activities! Bring some new flavor into the season, and try out some new shisha flavors while the season is fresh!