Do you like candy? Who doesn’t? What about sour candy? It’s not for everyone, but some people have an innate love for sour flavors! Whether it be something tart and sweet, or something that is mouth puckering, we have a whole assortment of sour flavors for you to try!

Here at Sahara Smoke, our sister company is proud owners of the brand HookaH-HookaH, Hookah Freak, and Ayam Zaman. From bold and modern, to buzzy and traditional, the whole line contains a flavor and experience for every hookah smoker. Our tobacco is proudly grown here in the USA, and features a finer “ribbon” cut. This makes it a much better container for glycerin and flavoring, while still bringing out the subtle notes from the tobacco. We only use Kosher vegetable glycerin and natural flavoring in our products.

In addition to our pure methods of production, the classic Ayam Zaman line uses a more traditional preparation, with rougher and larger cuts, and a molasses base. The unwashed tobacco provides a much more robust flavor, and a much bigger buzz. Due to the fact that Ayam Zaman contains very little, if any glycerin, it won’t produce the huge clouds that HookaH-HookaH and Hookah Freak will, but the flavor is distinct and an experience that stands proudly alone.

We use HookaH-HookaH cuts for our sour line, and provide a unique sour flavor in a single note experience that brings out all the aspects of the flavor, but without complicating things too much. I recommend starting out with just two coals for HookaH-HookaH, and working up from there. Some preparations work great with two coals, especially if you are using a wind cover. Other people prefer three to four coals for a “hotter” temperature. Depending on how dense or loose you pack HookaH-HookaH, it can either be heat sensitive or very heat tolerant. It’s best to experiment and figure out what works best for you!

Coming in 50 gram and 250 gram sizes, you can sample or indulge, whatever works! We sell our shisha tobacco products in easy sealing jars; no extra storage needed! One of the advantages to our jars is that flavors and smells will not marry together, which snuffs out the flavors in the tobacco. You can keep all your HookaH-HookaH batched together in the same box!

Right now, we are offering seven different sour flavors, but wholesale customers are always open to call in a special request! Our sour line includes grape, mango, mint, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon! All of the flavors are tart and delicious, but I would have to say my personal favorite is our Sour Mango flavor. It provides a bright flavor that is so well complimented by the sour aspect. Typically, I like to pack our sour flavors in a phunnel or vortex bowl, with a slightly fluffy pack, but still comfortably patted down. Ecocha coals are one of my favorite coals to use with this setup, and we carry different sizes of Ecocha coals. Any coconut coal works great though, and we have a large inventory of coconut coals, so be sure to explore!