For those of us that enjoy tropical smoothies, there is nothing better than a tanning session by the beach or pool with a delicious drink to sip away our worries. For those of us that enjoy smoking nargile, this enjoyment is amplified by a good bowl of tobacco. Why would you not want to mix these two wonderful things together? With Hookah-Freak’s Pineapple Xpress, you get to indulge in all the tropical pleasures at home.

Here at Sahara Smoke, Hookah Freak is our blended shisha line. It ranges from subtle tangy orange flavors such as Sweet Tang, to wild interpretations of candy flavors, such as Atomic Fireball. With Hookah Freak, you can enjoy a wide multitude of crazy flavors for the “Hookah Freak” in all of us.

hookah freak pineapple express shisha

As with all shisha we craft here at Sahara, this is a long cut Virginia ribbon tobacco, similar to pipe tobacco. This allows the shisha juices to hold very well, as well as give the flavor a unique bold tobacco taste. Pineapple Xpress brings memories of the goofy comedy film released in 2006. The name applies well to the fresh and fruity flavor lurking inside. First impressions are a tart fruit, perhaps citrus, followed by an abundant whiff of pineapple that lingers. As with all our tobacco, we use 100% kosher all natural vegetable glycerin, which is a respectable addition to our product.

Cloud output was fantastic with this flavor. I am not sure if it just had a lot of glycerin, or it was the flavoring, but this flavor puffs up and creates room blinding clouds. The flavor starts out very tart, with a unknown flavor that sticks, but after about ten minutes, the flavor mellows out to a wonderful pineapple citrus treat. It reminds me a lot of pineapple juice concentrate from the can, but not as sweet. Longevity was awesome with this flavor, as I was enjoying this flavor for a good 60 minutes, and it had another half hour in it.

For all the wild flavors that arise from our Hookah Freak labs, this flavor sticks out as a clear winner. It boasts a fresh smell that remind one of tropical adventures. It packs a strong punch in flavor, but mellows out to something smooth. This reminds me of the severe changes in weather that are present in tropical islands, and while there may be a sunny sky above our heads, the rain can come pouring down at any moment. When that happens, it is good to have a bowl of Pineapple Xpress packed up and ready to fight back with.