Smoking shisha can be a tedious process. There might be a mystique to it, but sometimes that can change to annoyance. I have always said that patience is key when it comes to hookah, but sometimes patience runs short. One particular annoyance with narguile is the hose. The hose is what you smoke out of, and it is the final place for the smoke to go.

That being said, hookah enthusiasts usually have a vast collection of flavors. One problem with having multiple flavors is ghosting. Ghosting refers to when a flavor is “stuck” inside the hose; therefore every flavor still tastes like a previous flavor. This can be awful, especially if you are trying to enjoy a nice neutral flavor, such as honey or cinnamon. These flavors are already hard to taste, but when you don’t have a clean hose, forget trying to enjoy the smoke.

One fix for this is buying multiple hoses. This leads one to another problem, which is cost. Most high quality washable hookah hoses cost at least twenty dollars, sometimes even more. As a shisha enthusiast, I feel like spending $60 to $100 on a collection of washable hoses is outrageous. One quality hose is nice, but one should not have to spend more.

Now there is a cheaper solution that many hookah smokers will love! The Nu Hose is a washable disposable hose sold by a small company. This hose cost a mere five dollars. For twenty dollars, you can own four hoses that are functionally just as good as any other brand. The plastic is thin, but it holds seals well, and it is easily washable. The draw is almost comparable to my Narbish, which is saying a lot for a cheap plastic hose. Visually, there are different color mouth tips to choose from, but they are relatively featureless hoses. This does not matter though, when the practicality of the hose is so great. Save your money and time, and buy yourself some Nu Hoses. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll find that functionally trumps visuals every time.

nuhose hookah hose