In the rainy days of November, a lot of things can be missed. The cold season brings about feelings of tranquility and peace, but it also makes one wanting for something filling. The holiday season costs everyone a lot of money, but it also brings savory food out. My birthday also happens to be in November!

At Sahara, our Hookah-Freak line is our blended shisha line that includes many exotic and familiar flavors. When normal flavors don’t cut it, one can always turn to these interesting choices to bring something new into their smoking rotation. Some of my favorites include Atomic Fireball, Sweet Tang, Scooby Snack, and Rich and Smooth. Today I will be discussing one of the more sweet flavors from the Hookah-Freak line, which is appropriately named November Rain.

As with all Hookah-Hookah tobacco, this blend is a long cut ribbon that is very finely chopped. All our tobacco is hand chopped, and features Kosher vegetable glycerin, no propylene glycol, and is prepared in house here at Sahara. This emphasis on quality and total involvement has helped us to create some of the best flavors on the market. In addition to our shisha tobacco being delicious, it is also lacking in any artificial chemicals, which is always a good thing.

As I opened my container of November Rain, I was assaulted with scents of brown sugar and a collection of spices. November Rain is a pumpkin spice dessert flavor that is very similar to our most popular Hookah-Freak flavor Scooby Snack. After the initial sweetness left, I smelled a small hint of pumpkin, but I was surprised that it was not more noticeable. For sampling such a sweet treat, I used my usual Kaloud Lotus and Samsaris combination, which allows me to manage heat easily and bring out the flavor fully. I rarely use more than two coals with Hookah-Hookah tobacco, since the cut is so fine, it heats up pretty quickly. For our shisha tobacco, I have found a medium to dense pack being perfect, while at the same time giving the bowl a very small underpack.

The flavor of November Rain brings me back to holiday memories. From the name, you would expect the flavor to give a sense of cold, but it actually provides a very warm sensation. I had a great 60 minute session from this flavor, and it probably had another half hour in it, but I usually do not throw on a second set of coals with my sessions. Initially, the flavor was very singular in the sense it was super sweet, but as it heated up, the pumpkin spice flavors did start to come out, and it was not overwhelming either. I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin, but this flavor makes me want to make a pumpkin spice pie when the holiday season rolls around! Cloud output was, as usual, massive. Our vegetable glycerin might be natural, but the thickness of the smoke produced is very impressive, and anyone who likes to do smoke tricks would be served well by our shisha flavors!

All in all, this flavor provides something off the beaten path, but it also keeps one close to home with that familiar sweetness. For someone who wants to try new flavors, but is also afraid of trying something really funky, this flavor might be the perfect transition. It would seem that only three ingredients were used in this flavor, and those are sugar, spice, and everything nice!