One of the best parts about sleeping is that you get to dream. The science behind why we dream is still iffy, but most academics agree that it has to do with taking care of the brain, and resolving internal issues in a way that only the brain knows how. Most of the time, I don’t remember my dreams, but sometimes you have a dream that is both nice and memorable.

Haze tobacco is a company out of Texas that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. They have some amazing shisha tobacco flavors. Some of their best sellers include Carnival Nights, Chaitastic, and What-A-Mint. Some of these flavors have become staples in the flavor industry. They use a medium cut tobacco with a very juicy consistency. Originally, they had a very big cut, but have since added more juice and more finely chopped tobacco. They use a lot of glycerin in their products, which is nice because it helps the shisha to be very resistant to heat, and it also seems to last a long time.

Today, I will be briefly reviewing Haze Nice Dreams. Nice Dreams is Haze’s take on a “berry and margarita” flavor. Even though this is the official description, I found it to be very different from this. After opening the package, I got a tart berry scent that was intensely sweet, but this was followed by an almost sour smell of spices. I am not sure if my nose is messed up or not, but I really found it to be an addictive smell! During the day, I found myself randomly opening it and smelling it.

As usual, I used my Kaloud Lotus with my Samsaris, two Ecocha coals, and a Dream Hose. The flavor of this shisha tobacco was very inviting and enticing. It was very similar to how it smelled. It started off very tart, and finishes not with sweetness, but with a spicy note. It makes me wonder if they put some cardamom in this flavor. The longevity of this flavor was great; it lasted about 90 minutes before I set the hose down, and the whole time it was puffing some serious cloud density! As usual, the clouds from Haze tobacco were massive, and this is something I’ve come to expect with Haze.

Overall, this was not the most unique flavor in the world, but it serves as a perfect “sweet treat”. I have a hard time smoking sweet flavors, but this is one I will be keeping on my shelf for the occasional enjoyment. If you like sweet flavors that smell like candy and give you a spicy kick, then this is a must get!