Innovation and improvement are vital aspects of any company. When Sahara Smoke announced its Vortex bowl years ago, quality and performance were factors that played into production. With the new Vortex 1.5 bowl, we have maintained our concern for quality, bringing out a product that is even better than its predecessor.

The Vortex bowl focuses on maintaining heat inside the bowl with ceramic design, but that is where the classic function of ceramics ends. Instead of the holes being on the bottom of the bowl, the Vortex has the holes on the spire. What this means is that shisha juices and moisture in your tobacco cannot drain out of the bowl. This equates to longer smoking sessions, as well as less scorching. In addition to this, the middle notch helps prop up aluminum foil, keeping coals from producing tears in the foil.

The new Vortex 1.5 design holds a few modifications over its predecessor. The intake holes have been made bigger to allow better air draw. This also means that shisha tobacco such as Starbuzz or Haze with their wider cut leaves will no longer clog the Vortex. The spire has been made much more flush with the height of the bowl. What this means is that heat solutions such as the Kaloud Lotus will fit better. Be aware that a metal coal container such as the Lotus can still slide easily, so be cautious.

The overall quality control is just as high as before, while the colors are vibrant, and the glaze used on the ceramics is evenly coated on the inside of the bowl. This means it will hold heat better, as well as being easier to clean. In addition to being more efficient, the Vortex 1.5 comes in new colors! These include sapphire, merlot, lime, sand, tri color, unglazed, black and red, blue and green, white and orange, and of course black!

sahara smoke vortex hookah bowl