Sahara Khanjar Shockwave and Scar Hookahs

With even more off-the-wall style, innovation, and value; the Khanjar Hookah line introduces two more hookahs: The Shockwave and The Scar. Having a remarkable hookah doesn’t cost an arm and a leg anymore! These two Khanjar Hookahs stand 18” tall giving you more chamber space for your smoke resulting in an even more enlightened experience in smoking shisha through your own personal hookah.

The Khanjar Scar comes in translucent hues of brown and gold while Khanjar Shockwave comes in shocking sapphire blue with accents of gold and a silver stem. These two enticing hookahs come complete with a hose, Khanjar Vortex bowl, all the grommets you need, and everything else needed to have a memorable hookah experience. As similar as they are, these two proud standing hookahs give off completely different ambiances of each other making your hookah experience one to remember. Don’t go for just anything; go for style, innovation, and value.

Go for Khanjar Hookah.