Smoking shisha has always been a traditional and cultural pastime to some, while being new territory for other cultures. What is shared between both parties, however, is the affinity to call smoking shisha an exotic activity. Preparing hookah requires finesse, patience, and in some cases, experience. Most can agree that this only adds to the mystique of such an activity, but with that mystique comes wild new experiences. Simply put, smoking hookah for the first time is an exotic experience.

In the realm of charcoal, there is one company that welcomes the exotic nature of smoking narguile, and that would be Exotica. Exotica charcoal is another safe and healthy alternative to quicklight coals, and provides some unique strengths compared to other charcoal on the market. Instead of using coconut, Exotica uses bamboo to make their coals.

Firstly, I would like to compliment on the packaging of this product. The color of the box is simple, soft, and inviting. It gives you an impression of the charcoal in your mind, and what kind of experience to expect. The recycled plastic inside the box that the coals are packaged in is also a nice touch; any company who minimizes plastic use is a friend to all of us. Every year, Exotica tends to change their design and labeling, which does more than just prevent copying. It also gives the consumer something new to look at, which gives you a refreshing feeling about the product in general.

The performance of the coals was fantastic. They come in sticks of three pre-scored coals. I tried them out using a Kaloud Lotus with the Samsaris bowl, and found that with patience one coal was enough to keep the bowl puffing nicely. While the coals do ash heavily, one would expect this from a coal that has such a high rate of compression when being manufactured. The warm up process for the coals did not smell up the house like many coconut coals do, and it took only about five minutes as opposed to around ten. Once lit, they were easy to handle, really just a pleasure to work with. While I found them to be faster burning coals than coconut coals, the other characteristics of the coals makes you forget about the fact that they burn faster; this is no doubt a quality product. Companies like Exotica are what keep driving the shisha industry forward. All in all, I was very impressed with these coals, and will certainly be purchasing them again soon.

exotica hookah charcoals